LDS Author Josi Kilpack Stays True to Standards, Makes Publisher's Weekly List for Best Romances of 2015

Inappropriate content is the norm on romance bookstore shelves, but LDS author Josi Kilpack is changing that stereotype by bringing her standards to the literary world.

The recent success of sexually explicit books is proof that literary pornography is in popular demand. Unfortunately, Publisher's Weekly's annual list of the year's best romance novels is usually filled with such content--and many of the books recognized this year were no different.

Except for one.

Well-known LDS author Josi Kilpack cracked the list with her clean, tender novel, A Heart Revealed. About the book, Publisher's Weekly writes: "In Kilpack's deeply touching and emotionally rich Regency, a spoiled young woman is rejected by society for suffering from a disfiguring ailment. Only one man—an impoverished third son she once snubbed—is willing to treat her as a person as they come together in a slow, graceful dance of humility and forgiveness in a two-hanky read."

Kilpack's success proves that many romance readers do appreciate clean, uplifting literature and that not all successful books need to be explicit to get recognized. 

In addition to heart-warming romances, Josi Kilpack is also well known for her culinary mystery masterpieces, books which put a fun twist on crime novels by weaving related recipes throughout.

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Throughout her career as an author, Kilpack said her biggest fan has always been her husband, Lee. "His faith in me, as a person and a writer, has made all the difference," she says. "He celebrates my successes and eases my struggles and has worked hard to make room for this in our lives. It’s a gift to know that should this part of my life ever fade away, he will still be on the front row applauding for whatever comes next."

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