LDS Celtics Manager, Danny Ainge, Bears Testimony in NBA Interview

by | Feb. 18, 2015

Famous Mormons

"You're just helping those in need, and there is a great satisfaction in life that comes from that. And the great perspective of life that you learn from that. And a great gratitude, to see so many people that can still be so happy through all of this. It helped me understand that Christ lives. And that His priesthood is here on earth. And every time I laid my hands on someone's head to give them a blessing, I could say I felt really inspired every time; but that's not true. There were times when things came out of my mouth that were not mine; but there were also times when the human side of me probably didn't do as well communicating.

"But every time I felt this increased amount of love toward the person that was receiving the blessing. Whether they were going through a struggle in their marriage, whether they were going through addictions. Whether they were sick or getting ready for a major surgery or cancer or whatever it may be. There was this amazing increase in love for that person. And you really come to understand that love is endless. I remember the feeling when I had my first daughter, like, how could you love someone more than that? And then having my son: How am I going to love my brand-new son as much as I love my first daughter? But then as you get older you realize there's no limit on love. Love is for everybody.

"There is a greater purpose in life than basketball, and there is much more going on in the world than whether the Celtics win or lose. And my happiness is not predicated on whether the Celtics have won or lost. But I do believe in doing your best. And I do believe in winning, and that you have to do all you can to succeed at what you're doing. Because there is relevance."

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