(Sponsored) LDS Dad Lost 24 Lbs. With Invention for His 8 Kids, Now Giving Away FREE

by | Dec. 10, 2017

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We keep hearing about how important ProBiotics are for every one of us (over 100 benefits including fighting cancers, infections, illness, diabetes, obesity, mental issues, IBS, diarrhea, etc.). Doctors are even writing prescriptions now for ProBiotics.

I have eight kids and a very tight budget, and I wanted them to have fresh ProBiotics. So I bought four cases of yogurt. Unfortunately, they were all gone in less than two days! Also, we would accidentally buy ones with artificial sweeteners and I would have the kids just throw them away.

So we decided to make our own yogurt and bought four yogurt machines with 32 cups and caps. It took hours of prep time and dirtied a sink full of dishes so we didn't make it very often.

I decided to find a solution, and after 27 generations of prototypes, we finally had an inspired design and manufacturing method and the EZYogurtMaker™ was born.

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Now, to make up to 32 yogurts or 64 tubes all you do is add a starter pack (11 types of ProBiotic "seeds") to a container of milk (or milk alternatives to make kefir), slide on the EZ Yogurt Maker™ and plug it in overnight. One minute of prep—that is it! The maker automatically warms and grows the ProBiotics so in the morning just cool, flavor, and enjoy! (See how it works.)

It tastes so good that even kids love it. The other week my wife texted me to tell me that the neighborhood kids were over again and begging for more "special drink" after four servings each. I replied "And? It is good for them and cheap. Let them have all they want :-)".

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