LDS Family with 4 Disabled Children Inspired by Son's Football Experience

by | Nov. 24, 2014

News from Utah


Before he forces himself to forget about everything but football, Nathan Honey summons the faces of his brothers.

Sometimes as he walks onto the field, he even imagines they are dressed in American Fork’s red and white, sporting helmets and pads, standing on either side of him.

“I just think about (what) if they are playing with me,” he said. “I look to the left, see my brother, look to the right, see my brother there. I think that’d be awesome.”

It is, however, just a fantasy.

Nathan Honey’s brothers will never know the freedom of sports. Duchenne muscular dystrophy robs their muscles of a critical protein causing them to be fragile and easily damaged. The result is severe physical and mental disabilities.


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