LDS House-Flippers to Star in Their Own Reality TV Show

by | Sep. 08, 2015

Mormon Life

One LDS family with seven kids has the incredible knack of turning old homes into new masterpieces, a knack that has landed them their own reality TV show set to premiere this October!

Where some see trash, Andy Meredith and his wife Candis see hidden treasure.

"My grandma sold her house when I was 11 and I vowed that one day I would buy it back," Candis Meredith said. "So when I turned 20, I knocked on the door and said 'Would you sell me that house?'"

That became her first restoration. When she married Andy Meredith, he was only able to help her on nights and weekends.

"I did the same thing from the time I was 21," Andy Meredith said. "Technology sales. It was boring."

His wife told him it was time to renovate his life.

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