LDS Kidney Donor Leaves 'Maintenance Instructions' for Recipient

by | Oct. 31, 2014

News from Utah

Last night a surprisingly touching topic was posted to Reddit’s r/Military sub forum by a man whose step-mother had recently undergone a kidney transplant. The man’s father sent him a copy of a letter from the donor addressed to the recipient of his kidney.

August 26th, 2014

To The Recipient of My Kidney:

Since you and this kidney are destined to be connected to each other I thought you might want to have some care and maintenance instructions to help you get acquainted.

This kidney comes to you free from ever having contacted alcohol, tobacco, coffee, tea or recreational drugs. It grew up Mormon and was with me when I made a commitment as a child of 8 years of age that I would never expose myself to those things; so it is a pretty naïve kidney in that regard.

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