LDS Living's Top 10 for 2011: No. 9

by | Dec. 20, 2011

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This year has been quite the "Mormon moment" with politicians, musicals, ad campaigns, athletes – you name it – and many of LDS Living's stories have followed these people and topics.

Today we explore the no. 9 most popular stories, blogs, videos, etc. from LDS Living:

#9 Most Popular

Mormon Report Article: LDS Church asks its top officials to stay out of politics

LDS Living Online Article: Simple Sunday Recipes

Blog: {A&E} Is Twilight Appropriate? + Poll

LDS Living Magazine Article: When Children Don’t Come Easily
Video: ESPN video: BYU honor code unrealistic

Most Commented-on Story: Mormon Manners

Facebook Post: We’re writing an article on modern etiquette and we need your feedback. How do you feel about using PDAs (smart phones, iPads) in church to read scriptures, manuals, etc.?

Editors' Pick: Kate Ensign-Lewis, Online Editor, Facebook Post: We are loving the spring weather at Temple Square!

"Even though I was there when the picture was taken, and even though I got to see the sight of the temple every day, the photo was so beautiful and the response from readers so immediate that I can't think about it without smiling. Obviously it strikes a chord with us all to see the beauty of the Lord's house among the beauty of His creations."

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