Watch: LDS Man Helps Form Human Chain to Save Strangers from Flash Flood

It was a hot and sunny Saturday when Jhonatan Gonzalez and his family decided to hike a river trail known as The Narrows in Zions National Park, Utah. 

But as rainfall farther upstream caused the river to quickly swell, Gonzalez's family decided to turn around, but they soon reached a point where the water was at an even higher level.

As the canyon quickly flooded with waist-deep, muddy water Gonzalez and his family realized, “There’s no way out you just have to go through,” he told USA Today.

That's when Gonzalez and his family formed a human chain to transport family members as young as 1 year old across the waters churning with logs and debris, according to USA Today.

Strangers also joined in the human chain, helping hikers cross the flood waters to safety. 

“It felt good," Gonzalez told USA Today. "It was a chilling experience. It almost made me feel teary, just seeing how everyone was helping each other." 

Lead image from YouTube
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