LDS Meetinghouse in Twin Falls Vandalized with Message That Couldn't Be Further from the Truth

by | Jan. 10, 2018

Mormon Life

An LDS meetinghouse in Twin Falls was recently vandalized. The Church building was spray painted with black and red paint that spelled the message "God is dead."

For Latter-day Saints, that message couldn't be further from the truth. 

The Twin Falls Police Department is investigating the vandalism which took place on January 9, while a bishop who meets in the building told KMVT News Church leaders are working on getting the message removed.

Though it is disheartening to learn of damage being done to a house of worship, it is comforting to know we as Latter-day Saints possess a faith that allows us to feel and know for ourselves that God is not dead, nor has He ever been. He is a loving Heavenly Father who actively participates in each of our lives, answering our prayers, buoying us up, offering His love and blessings, and guiding our lives if we only have the humility and faith to see and search.

We should be grateful and rejoice in the hope and truth we possess that lets us know of God's reality. God is alive in all our teachings and the good we accomplish in the world, and He can be alive in all of our hearts if we just let Him in.

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