LDS Refashion Blogger Featured on "People" Shares the Surprising Spiritual Reasons Behind Her Business

by | Jun. 20, 2017

Mormon Life

LDS refashion blogger Sarah Tyau is known for remaking clothing castoffs into beautiful, fashionable pieces. But the real reasons behind her business, the spiritual reasons, just might surprise you. 

Sarah Tyau sat behind the steering wheel of her car, angry at God. It was just past 4 on a Thursday afternoon, and after dropping off her daughter for a piano lesson, she wished for perhaps the thousandth time that she could live a simple life.

A mistake in the description of a YouTube video she posted taunted her as she stared at her phone in an attempt to will the error to disappear. She tapped her screen. No Wi-Fi. She glanced at the clock, considering driving home, but there wasn’t time.

And in that moment, in the tiny space of her car, Tyau felt impossibly thwarted and alone.

“Really?” she cried aloud, head tilted back toward the ceiling of her car, talking to God. “You told me to start a YouTube channel. Why is it this hard?”

Now, sitting on the couch in the basement of her house, legs curled up under a purple faux-velvet blanket, Tyau smiles at the memory. A calm comes over her just as it did that Thursday afternoon when a clear voice resonated in her head with an unforgettable promise:

“‘I will make it so that it’s as if you’re putting your career first. Your sewing first,’” the voice said, reassuring her that as she prioritized motherhood, the rest would fall into place.

Would you like to ask me a question? . . I get asked often if I really wear the clothes I make. The answer is yes, not all, but most of them! I also get asked what my favorite refashion I've done is and I have about 5 favorites and this one is definitely in the top 5. This piece was for the final week's challenge in Refashion Runway where the theme was "asymmetrical." I started sewing the day before it was due and stayed up all night sewing, taking photos, and editing, submitting it right before the deadline. Do you see a pattern here of me starting a project the day before it's due?😬😅 I ended up winning the final week's challenge and won the competition, which is probably why this piece will always have a fond place in my heart. . . So now it's your turn to ask me any questions you want! Doesn't have to be sewing related, it can be anything, so ask away my friends!💕 I'll answer them in a blog post or if I get brave enough, in a YT video. But knowing me, it'd probably be in a blog post. I hate being on camera guys, I thought I'd be the last person to become a YouTuber!🙈

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A new sewing video is up! What do all these refashions have in common? They all require a gathered skirt technique! It's the most used technique in my refashions so I decided to make you a detailed, step by step on how to separate the top & the bodice, gather the skirt and sew it back on. I've heard great feedback so far that it's a clear, easy to understand tutorial for even the beginners! Let me know if you find it helpful and if you'd like to see more of these detailed one-technique tutorials. Full video, link in bio. . I'm working on the gingham refashion piece to post end of this week, go to my story to help me vote for the ribbon color!

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The deal was good enough for her.

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