LDS Week in Review: 5 Must-Read Stories (Apr 5 - Apr 11)

New Adult Sunday School Program in the Works


Updates to the Church's Sunday School program may be right around the corner. The changes, modeled after the new youth "Come, Follow Me" curriculum, don't yet have a solid timeline, but are progressing forward with rapidity. Several congregations have already been piloting the program with success, as one of our online fans shared: 

"Our ward was one of the 10 pilot sites these past few months and it was fantastic. This method was utilized in Sunday School and in Relief Society. Much better learning environment and engagement with discussions. Removes the lecture style way of teaching and allows for thoughtful, honest sharing. We loved it, the teachers loved it and there is opportunity to apply the learnings each week in each of our lives." Katie Bezak Dill 

Top 40 Conference Memes

After 10 hours of uplifting insutrction from today's living prophets and apostles, our cups definitely "runneth o'er." Luckily, these top 40 conference "memes" help to remind us of the essence of the messages, and along with beautiful designs to boot:




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Updated Photos of Payson Temple

With President Monson's recent announcement that the Church is focusing on finishing the 28 temples already announced or under construction (plus the two undergoing renovations), we loved seeing the progress on the Payson temple this past week in this photo gallery. Check it out:


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Photo Gallery: Conference Weekend Around Temple Square

If you've never been to Temple Square over conference weekend, get an inside look at what conference is like for those attending in the Conference Center in our exclusive photo gallery. Just check out one of our favorite shots:

Ruben Israel, featured in our cover story "Unlikely Friends," speaks with a member outside the Conference Center. (And check out what our friendly Mormon has in his hand!)


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Time-lapse: Conference Weekend in 60 Seconds

For more behind-the-scenes conference action, check out this stellar 60-second video time-lapse showing the foot traffic as viewed from our office just off the square. (That's a LOT of people in the crosswalk!) 

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