LDS Week in Review: 5 Must-Read Stories (Aug 16 - 22)

Church Announces New Seminary Graduation Requirements for LDS Youth


This week, the Church announced some exciting and interesting adjustments to the seminary program. Starting this school year, seminary students will find themselves studying the Doctrine and Covenants in a way that is "meant to 'elevate learning' and better prepare students for lives of service and discipleship." We can't wait to see the youth step up to the challenge!

-->Find more details about the new requirements here.

Church Debuts New Feature Film, 'Meet the Mormons' (Trailer)


During his devotional at Education Week, Elder David A. Bednar debuted the trailor for a unique new movie produced by the Church. This film, titled "Meet the Mormons," stars six members of the Church from around the world. It will be showing in theaters nationwide in October 2014.

-->Watch the trailer here.

7 Mormons with Millions of YouTube Views


When surfing through videos on YouTube, odds are you've seen at least one of these LDS stars. They're showcasing their talents online, and finding viral success with LDS and non-LDS fans the world over! 

For example, Stuart Edge started out as a port-a-potty cleaner with only 9 subscribers on his YouTube channel. But after posting a video he made of a Mistletoe Kissing Prank, his channel had over 100,000 subscribers in a few short weeks! 

-->Read more about Edge and other LDS YouTube stars here.

Church Handbook Updated to Include Social Media


Recently, visitors to Handbook 2 on lds.org may have noticed some adjustments and additions to the guidelines about the internet. Many of the changes reflect the church's recent push to use the internet, especially social media, as a missionary tool for sharing uplifting messages. Take a minute to glance through these new guidelines and see how it may affect how you use the internet.

-->Read all the new guidelines here.

10 Common Words That Mean Something Different to Mormons


This week, Aggieland Mormons posted a list of 10 common words that have different meanings in the Mormon vernacular. For example:

1. Beehive.

What it means to everyone else: A habitation for bees.

What it means to a Mormon: A name given to the 12-13 year old girls as they enter into the youth program.

-->Find the rest of the list here.

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