LDS Week in Review: 5 Must-Read Stories (Feb. 8-14)

Sticking Together: One Couple’s Amazing Love Story


The story of Mark and Jamie Lynn started out like any other--the pair met at BYU on a blind date and the rest, as they say, is history. Only, their relationship took an unexpected and terrifying turn when Jenny collapsed one day while making lunch in their kitchen at home. After being rushed to the hospital, doctor's discovered she'd had a massive brain stem stroke--and was completely paralyzed as a result.

While Jenny miraculously survived the trauma, doctors said her quality of life made it not worth living, and advised Mark to take his wife off life support. With communication limited, Jenny spent all her energy telling Mark to leave her bedside and go to the temple. 

Read the rest of their story.

5 Cutest Church-Made Commercials


We searched through some of LDS.org's old Mormon Ads and family-promoting commercials to find the 5 cutest clips to share with you! From a daddy-daughter date involving a bad hair day (you'll never guess for whom!) to saving the planet from space aliens while out at a fancy dinner, these adorable finds are sure to leave you smiling on the outside and warm-and-fuzzy on the inside. 

Check out all 5 commercials

9 Hilarious Mormon Valentine's Memes


With Valentine's day yesterday, we took a break from our preparations to laugh at some hilarious LDS Valentine's Memes (like the one above). Whether you had plans tomorrow or not (maybe especially if you didn't), our top meme picks are sure to have you smiling--make sure you see all 9

7 Tips for Sacrament Meeting Speakers


This week, the Middle-aged Mormon Man shared 7 top tips for those speaking in Sacrament meetings. Inspired by a particularly lengthy meeting (who hasn't had one of those), this hilarious blog ends with 7 great ideas for how you can keep the congregation engaged and your talk on target the next time you're asked to speak. You'll definitely want to review the list--and save it for later. 

Mormons in the Olympics Updates


Torah Bright after winning silver. Photo from the Associated Press.

This week Mormons competed in all sorts of events in the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics. Here are just a few highlights:

- Slopestyle finals, alpine skiing, and luge started off the week strong for Mormon Olympians

- Christian Niccum reminded members of some of the difficulties of staying faithful as an athlete and us, "we all have to convert."

- Torah Bright won the silver medal in halfpipe.

- Christian Niccum's luge relay team took 6th overall.

- Kate Hansen took 10th in luge.

- Noelle Pikus-Pace won silver in skeleton. 

For a little more Olympic fun, check out this great throwback video of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir singing the 2002 Olypmics theme, conducted by John Williams. 

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