LDS Week in Review: 5 Must-Read Stories (June 14 - 20)

LDS Family Services Discontinues Adoption Agency


LDS Family Services is a private, nonprofit corporation owned and operated by the Church. For decades, it has been operating one of the largest, private nonprofit adoption agencies in the world.

This week, LDS Family Services announced that it will shift its focus to counseling for birth parents and prospective adoptive parents, and will no longer operate a full-scale adoption agency.

This was a big decision, but the corporation hopes that it will broaden options for prospective adoptive parents.

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9 Callings We Overlook


While stake callings and calls to presidencies are big changes that definitely deserve a lot of attention, sometimes we neglect to recognize the vital roles of other callings, from door greeters and choristers to home and visiting teaching supervisors.

Every calling, no matter how "small," has a huge impact on building the kingdom of God. Never underestimate the reach and power of your calling, and be sure to thank all those in your ward who keep things running smoothly!

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Apostles at their Weddings: Photo Gallery


There are a lot of weddings going on in the summertime, so this week we thought we'd look back and celebrate the weddings of the apostles! These vintage photos are sure to make you smile.

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Photo of Missionaries Doing Service Goes Viral


Two missionaries had no idea that when they helped a woman in her garden this week, they would spark a viral online conversation about Church missionaries.

The photo was posted on reddit and simply captioned, "The Mormons insisted on speaking to my mom. So here they are helping her garden." The photo has attracted more than two million views and one thousand comments, which are unusually positive for the site. 

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Church Spokeswomen Answer Questions from the Media


This week, Church spokewomen have twice responded to the media about the controversy surrounding Church discipline and about the ability of members to pose doctrinal questions to Church leaders. 

On Tuesday, RadioWest host Doug Fabrizio spoke with Ally Isom, senior manager of Public Affairs for the Church. Questions about Church discipline have arisen in droves after the controversy surrounding Kate Kelly and John Dehlin, but Isom helped clarify how Church discipline works.

Then, on Thursday, LDS Church Spokesperson Jessica Moody issued a statement in response to media inquiries concerning the ability of Church members to raise questions and seek answers. She made it clear that questions are wholeheartedly welcomed in the Church (after all, this dispensation was opened at the inquiry of a 14-year-old boy...).

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