LDS Week in Review: 5 Must-Read Stories (June 7 - 13)

Church Responds to Questions about Disciplinary Action


The internet has recently been abuzz about the Church disciplinary actions surrounding Kate Kelly and John Dehlin. In response to questions from the news media regarding Church discipline, the Church released this statement:

"The Church is a family made up of millions of individuals with diverse backgrounds and opinions. There is room for more questions, and we welcome sincere conversations. We hope those seeking answers will find them and happiness through the gospel of Jesus Christ..."

-->Find the rest of the statement here.

20 Ideas for Feeding Hungry Missionaries

15716Lasagna? Casserole? Roast? Jell-O? Just what should you feed hungry missionaries? We asked our online readers and RMs alike to bring you a list of 20 fresh ideas for what you can feed these servants of the Lord the next time they're over for a meal. 

Our favorite and the top answer? Breakfast for dinner! Missionaries rarely have time to make a good hot breakfast, and who doesn't like breakfast food like bacon, eggs, and hashbrowns?  

-->Get all 20 ideas and tell us your own

Google Bans Pornography Ads


The internet is a (somewhat) safer place after Google's most recent policy change. At the behest of those who recognize the destructive nature of pornography, Google (the World Wide Web's most popular search engine) announced to its advertisers that it will no longer accept ads that contain pornographic or sexually-explicit material. 

This is a big leap in the right direction and a brave move for Google, whose profits mostly come from advertisements. The change is mostly thanks to the organization Morality in Media, who specifically petitioned for Google to help prevent the distribution of pornography.

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5 Ways Not to Start a Sacrament Talk (And What to Do Instead)


For many people, speaking in sacrament is a challenge--and starting your talk can be the hardest part! As a result, it seems like a lot of talks all start the same way: nervously introducing ourselves to a ward where we've lived since childhood, joking about how we don't want to give a talk, or saying that we've learned more from our talk than the congregation will. 

Any way to start a talk is good--it's hard enough as it is without us juding one another! But the opening of a talk sets the tone for the rest of what you're going to say. Help your listeners stay engaged—and feel like a talk-giving pro—by trying one of a new talk-starter like sharing a personal story, starting with a quote, or expressing sincere thanks for those serving in the meeting. 

-->Learn more about new openers you can try when writing your next talk

NPR Praises MTC Language Program


On Monday, NPR ran a story about the Missionary Training Center (MTC) in Provo, Utah. Many are curious about how missionaries can learn in 9 weeks what other language students can take as many as 64 weeks to learn. NPR visited the MTC to see firsthand what makes makes Mormon missionaries' language skills unique.

After interviewing and observing instructors and missionaries, they found that, though the MTC uses tactics similar to other language-learning centers, "there's something that can be hard to replicate outside of the church. It's the thing that has these young adults smiling and bright as they spend every waking hour focused on their task." 

-->Find out what NPR had to say about the Church's largest language-learning center.

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