LDS Week in Review: 5 Must-Read Stories (Nov 29 - Dec 5)

What Prophets Have Said About Santa Claus

LDS Living Week in Review
Artwork by Greg Olsen and featured in Stars Were Gleaming.

Is Santa Claus a part of your Christmas tradition? Check out what a few Church leaders have said about Old Saint Nick.

David O. McKay

It is a glorious thing to have old St. Nicholas in our hearts and in our homes today, whether he enters the latter through the open door or creeps down the chimney on Christmas Eve. To bring happiness to others without seeking personal honor or praise by publishing it is a most commendable virtue. . . .

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How a Mormon Helped Shape Mickey Mouse (+6 Other LDS Ties to Disney)

LDS Living Week in Review

Image retrieved from fantagraphics.com.

Did you know that Mickey Mouse wasn't always the kind, compassionate role model we know today?

In the early days, Mickey was quite the violent troublemaker. His gradual change to the gentle, giving character we now know and love was significantly influenced by the man who was in charge of the Mickey Mouse comic strip for 45 years: Church member Floyd Gottfredson.

Gottfredson was hired by Walt Disney in 1929 to train in animation, even though his real passion was for comic strips. But four months later, Walt Disney asked Gottfredson to take over the Mickey Mouse comic strip.

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What a NY Times Journalist Realized after Carrying a BYU Briefcase

LDS Living Week in Review

New York Times reporter Arthur Brooks didn't expect carrying around a briefcase emblazoned with a BYU logo could change his behavior and his level of happiness, but it did.  

After visiting as a guest lecturer to BYU, Brooks received a huge bundle of branded souvenirs.  One in particular caught his attention--a high-quality briefcase featuring BYU's logo.  It just so happened Brooks needed a new briefcase.

But, as a non-Mormon, he felt self-conscious about carrying around this souvenir.  After his wife told him these worries were ridiculous, he finally laid his worries to rest and began toting the BYU briefcase.  

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How This Christmas 'Tree of Life' Was Made & Where You Can See It in Person

LDS Living Week in Review

Nestled in the heart of Draper City Park, a lone willow tree lights up the crisp Christmas air with over 1,000 strands of lights.  This tree, seemingly ablaze with white fire, symbolizes so much more than the light and warmth of the season.  It has become a living symbol of the love of Christ—a vision from the Book of Mormon come to life.

But, unlike that precious fruit offered to all freely in the Book of Mormon, it took a lot of money and hard work to create this dreamlike vision.  The Christmas "Tree of Life" took four men working from eight in the morning to eight at night three and a half days.  When finished, the entire holiday light display cost over $25,000. 

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The Best Mormon Humor from Around the Web

LDS Living Week in Review

We've all gotten sucked into that endless chain of memes and satires, looking for that one gem to brighten our day.  Instead of coming away with a good laugh, all we end up with is a dozen cat pictures and a wasted hour.

Well, have no fear because we've done the searching for you.  Here are 25 hillarious Mormon memes and videos that are sure to add a smile and a chuckle to any day. 

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