Largest LDS Expo of the Year Begins This Week in Orem

The FIRM Foundation Expo, the largest LDS-oriented gathering of its type in the world, is set to open next weekend. Thousands of attendees are coming to participate in three education-packed days with 70 distinguished speakers teaching more than 150 classes in six focus topics.

The event is aimed to "Faithfully Explore Relevant LDS Topics of Our Time" which it does through topics that interest most Latter-day Saints. Attendees will discover the latest research on the Book of Mormon, science and Mormonism, signs of our time, holistic health & wellness, emergency preparedness and more. Many members of the LDS Church find gardening, camping and nutrition among their favorite pastimes, while others are keenly interested in pertinent issues of our time or preserving the Constitution of our nation. While the event is oriented toward interests common to most Latter-Day Saints, you don't need to be LDS to attend, and you'll find a plethora of subjects to explore.

A prominent feature of the expo is the 17th International Book of Mormon Evidence Conference, which for more than 8 years has been a semi-annual favorite of tens of thousands of faithful Latter-Day Saints. Interesting Book of Mormon questions such as elephants, prophecies, earthworks and geography will be presented, along with new historical research uncovering documents involving the Hill Cumorah in New York. Meet Nephite Explorer TV series producer Ryan Fisher, which begins Season 4 this weekend on KJZZ-TV, and Kels Goodman, producer of the acclaimed TV mini-series Hidden in the Heartland which finished airing last week. Join former JAG attorney Jonathan Neville as he shares his recently released comprehensive geography of the Book of Mormon revealing the first traceable chronology and even maps its topography.

In addition, there are 90 related educational, preparedness, health and food businesses to assist with your food storage or educational needs. For all the details, including the speaker schedule, presentation titles and summaries as well as expo vendors, visit the event home page. Bring your spouse, family and neighbors and join in this celebration of our faith.

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