Living Prophets Lesson 8: George Albert Smith

by | Jul. 15, 2013



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Purpose: To teach family members the importance of showing love and charity through small acts of kindness

Gospel Principles: Service, charity, kindness

Scripture: Matt. 25:40

Music: “Have I Done Any Good” (Hymns, no. 223), “When We’re Helping We’re Happy” (CS, 198)

Lesson: President Smith strived to exemplify Christ-like qualities in all facets of his personal life. He truly believed all are children of God and was happiest when he was in the service of others. There are many accounts of his helping the poor or visiting the sick. For example, once he arrived at home in winter without his coat. His wife, noticing he was chilled and shivering, asked him why he did not wear his coat, only to learn he had given it to a man in need. Another time, without being asked, he stopped by the home of Ezra Taft Benson to provide a blessing to an ill child in the absence of their father. Knowing how busy President Smith was, Elder Benson and his family were greatly touched by this act of kindness. George Albert Smith testified, “Do not forget no matter how much you may give in money, no matter how you may desire the things of this world to make yourselves happy, your happiness will be in proportion to your charity and to your kindness and to your love of those with whom you associate here on earth. Our Heavenly Father has said in very plain terms that he who says he loves God and does not

love his brother is not truthful.”


1. Print a copy of “George Albert Smith’s Personal Creed Word Find.” After completing the word find, discuss some of the points in President Smith’s personal creed. What might family members include if they were to write their own list of principles for living?

2. Tell family members how important it is to learn to treat others with love and kindness, just as George Albert Smith did. Role-play either the story of the Good Samaritan or modern-day opportunities to act with love and kindness in situations where it may not be so easy (such as times when children may argue with siblings, need to share, or are treated unkindly at school).

Additional Resources:

1. The September 2007 Friend has a coloring page of the Good Samaritan (page 41); picture 06048 090 in the Gospel Art Book also illustrates the story of the Good Samaritan.

2. “Serving Like Christ” is a word find game in the April 2009 Friend (page 43).

3. The Mormon Messages channel, which is available to watch online at www.lds.org, has produced a 2:29-minute video, Have I Done Any Good in the World Today? This short film features the words of Thomas S. Monson encouraging all to give service to others.

4. Refer to vineyard.lds.org to find volunteer service opportunities in the Church. This site notes, “The opportunities found here are comprised of hundreds of thousands of very small tasks. Collaborating as a group to complete these tasks, we can help further the work of the Church.”

Get the entire FHE lesson series on "Living Prophets."

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