Malaysian LDS youth love family history

The Malaysian Latter-day Saint youth are model examples of gospel faithfulness. Many youth live in small apartments or terrace homes. Some live in pieced-together wood structures built in areas of Bintulu with no electrical service or waste water systems. They use generators for electricity or candles if necessary for light (generators and gas are expensive). Water is supplied from a network of small hoses fed off a main line from the highway. Water is also stored in barrels. Bathing with water from barrels can be challenging.

However, when they show up to Church, they are wearing their Sunday best.

Most of the youth attend double shift schools which begin early in the morning and end late in the afternoon. In their free time their favorite gathering place is the Church. Here they have access to the cultural hall for activities, the library and the Wifi Internet for study and the pianos (they love to sing and dance).

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