Massachusetts: Primary children help clean up after tornado

On Wednesday afternoon June 1, a tornado hit the city of Springfield, Mass. Tornadoes are so rare in New England that no one expected it. Primary children of the Ludlow Ward, Springfield Massachusetts Stake each had a unique experience during the tornado.

One family hurried to their cellar to take cover. They read their scriptures by flashlight and slept through the night downstairs. A few children were riding in cars. It took these children two or three hours to get home because broken power lines and trees blocked the roads. One child was home when he heard the roar of the wind like a low flying airplane and felt windows break around him and trees crack. Another child asked his aunt, "What can stop a tornado?" Before she could answer, he said, "I know. Prayer can!" All of the children were praying to be safe, praying for family members to return home safely and praying for the people of their city.

Much of the area lost electricity for several days. School was cancelled on Thursday and Friday. Stores and restaurants were closed. Cell phones and phone lines did not work. Many homes and schools throughout the city were destroyed or badly damaged. The tornado left a terrible mess.

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