Missionary Moment: From Barroom Fight to Baptism

I have enjoyed reading the conversion stories sent to you from members and missionaries around the world published in your weekly series. I would like to share one of my own missionary experiences. It occurred many years ago during my mission in the Baltimore, Maryland, area.

My companion and I were getting ready to do some contacting one morning when we decided to first pray for guidance as to where we should start. After a short prayer we both felt impressed to go down a particular street. Upon looking at our area map and records, we noticed that the street in question had already been tracted out recently, so it didn't make much sense for us to go there again. However, we still felt impressed to go down this particular street, so we parked our car at one end of the street and started to knock doors. I can still remember that no one answered the first two doors. At the third house, the door opened after a few knocks. A young man in his mid- twenties answered the door.

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