Modest Fashion at the 2014 Academy Awards

Confession time: I have a weakness for beautiful evening gowns. In high school, I bought a new formal for every school dance, from the Valentine's Sweethearts dance to Homecoming and Prom. In fact, if I ever sold my collection of taffeta and chiffon dresses, I could probably buy a small car. 

I mention this because, as I tuned into the Academy Awards, I found myself caring more about what people were wearing than the awards they were winning. See, at least for me, awards shows are purely about who's wearing what. I realize that some of these celebrities aren't necessarily the best role models, and their behavior in and out of their movies isn't to be emulated. I even get that those who just happened to wear a modest dress probably weren't thinking at all about covering their shoulders and knees when they picked their attire. But I don't think there's anything wrong with admiring beautiful, modest (or near-modest) dresses--especially if they inspire my personal (LDS, garment-covering, modest) style.

So, for all you fashionistas like me out there, here are some absolutely gorgeous modest (or near-modest) dresses we spied at this year's Academy Awards, for your fashion inspiration: 


Naomi Watts

(Photo from E!)


Glenn Close

(Photo from ABC15)


Camila Alves

(Photo from Globe Arts)


June Squibb

(Photo from E!)


Calista Flockhart

(Photo from E!)


From the cast of Pitaako Mun Kaikki Hoitaa? 

(Picture from E!)


Sally Hawkings

(Photo from Fashionista)


Sarah Paulson 

(Photo from SKY)

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