Mormon Parenting: We Don't 'Own' Our Children

How do children become who they are? Is it environment or heredity? Nature or nurture? And if it’s only a combination of those two, how are siblings so very different from each other? Just when we think we have become “experienced parents” with one child, the next one comes along and everything is different!

As a brand-new, first-time mother in the delivery room, I (Linda) remember being so thrilled at the prospect of doing my very best to mold the sweet little angel who had just emerged into the world into a wonderful individual. I had plans to make her into just the perfect balance of all that was admirable and good.

Now, after raising nine children, I have a whole new paradigm. I firmly believe the following: They are who they are! These beautiful people whom we joyfully greet and hold in our arms in the delivery room with eternity behind their eyes come already intact with a distinct personality, certain gifts and definite passions.

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