Mormon Review of New 'Son of God' Movie

Adapted from The Bible, The History Channel’s hit miniseries from 2013 (buy it here), Son of God stands well on its own as a feature film. Even viewers who saw it on TV will want to catch it on the big screen: this new edit reveals different emphases than the miniseries and is an engrossing theatrical experience. In its brisk two-and-a-half-hour running time, it deftly spins its various story threads and succeeds where others have failed.

Jesus’ mission is front and center: the film displays the necessary reverence for the biblical account. However, it also takes pains to capture the Roman oppression of the Jews, the people’s hopes for a Messianic deliverer, Pilate’s aggressive desperation to “keep the peace,” and high priest Caiaphas’ fear that a peasant uprising around Jesus could lead to slaughter, as well as restrictions on practicing their religion.

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