Mormons make appearances in top lists for 2011

It's just that time of year.  Before looking forward to the new year, it is time to review the events of 2011.  Many news sources are relasing their top of the year lists so we thought we would link to a few lists that might be of interest to you.

Deseret News: Top LDS Events of 2011 - A pretty thorough list here including the release of Daughters in My Kingdom, new temples, and the Church and politics.

Salt Lake Tribune: Utah's Top Faith Stories of 2011 - The LDS Church makes several appearances in this list including the top spot of "The Mormon moment".

Washington Post: 11 ways religon changed in 2011 - A super interesting list that includes the "new prominence" of the LDS Church.

And lest we forget...we here at LDS Living did a series of top 10 for 2011 lists

Happy New Year!

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