My Husband is Addicted to Pornography {What Got Me Through}

It's important when dealing with addiction to understand that the scriptures alone won’t cure everything, but even so, there is still tremendous power and healing in the gospel. It's been interesting to me through all this how the scriptures can take on new meaning. One of these for me was Alma 14.

This is the chapter where the women and children get thrown into the fire while everybody else watches. Not usually one of my favorite chapters, but I found some additional meaning in this for addiction.

First of all, Alma (the same Alma the Younger who actively destroyed the Church until he cried out to Jesus for help) and Amulek are bound with "strong cords" v. 3. They are helpless, powerless to do anything. They can't take the actions they usually would. They are led around from one place to another by people who want to destroy them. Sound familiar?

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