New LDS Art that Will Change How You See the Gospel (& the Stories Behind Them)

The Stories Behind 12 Pieces of LDS Art



It took close to a year of on-and-off work for LDS painter Sandra Rast to complete Ruth, but the end result was worth the wait. 

About the stunning painting, Rast says, “I put the beauty and softness in her eyes to represent the beauty of her inner attributes, that she’s good and gracious with dignity and charity on the inside. You  have to paint the outside to show she internally had those characteristics we all seek.”

Other symbols found in the painting include the light around Ruth’s head, which represents revelation, knowledge, and truth. The heavy use of gold in the background and the color of the wheat symbolize things that are pure and precious, as well as the celestial kingdom, our ultimate goal. Ruth’s hands are a focal point of the piece, showing her strength and representing providence and blessings, especially those that come through work.

“People tell me I’m an ‘emotional painter,’” Rast confesses. “I love it. I want to be the emotional painter. I want my paintings to bring out the emotions within us that will teach us.” She explains, “If we look underneath the stories, we realize there are feelings and emotions that can influence our own lives.”

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