New LDS Art that Will Change How You See the Gospel (& the Stories Behind Them)

The Stories Behind 12 Pieces of LDS Art

As a Hen Gathereth


Depicting a young girl tucked against Jesus Christ in an unknown town near Jerusalem, Jeff Hein’s paintingAs a Hen Gathereth serves as an empowering reminder of both the Savior’s love for each of us and our own ability to become like Him.

“He might have been walking down a street in Bethlehem or Nazareth or Jerusalem and just come across this average girl in an average town and befriended her,” Hein says.

The painting creates a hierarchical and symbolic ladder from right to left, starting withthe Savior and moving downward. The young girl holds a bowl of chicken feed, which is the central symbol of the piece, Hein says. “She is caring for the chickens. Without her, the chickens would be lost. They probably would not even survive.”

Her concern for the hens is just like Christ’s concern for each of us, and in caring for them, she both represents the Savior and shows her love for Him. Ultimately, every living thing in Hein’s painting, including the chickens, symbolizes Jesus Christ.

See this artwork as an original painting exclusively in the temple. 

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