New LDS Art that Will Change How You See the Gospel (& the Stories Behind Them)

The Stories Behind 12 Pieces of LDS Art

Mother and Child (series)


While the Mother and Child painting series represents only a small fraction of J. Kirk Richards’s work, it’s a fraction he says is one of his favorites. “I love mother and child images. A mother’s relationship with her baby is a sacred one that echoes the sacred relationship between Mary and the baby Jesus. Those relationships are the height of beauty—the kind of beauty I want to capture in my paintings.”

In particular, Richards says his paintings are “stylized mother and child images. They are a fusion of the old and the new—the traditional Madonna and child, but translated by an artist of the 21st century.” But the subject of the series isn’t necessarily the nativity. “The mother and child could be Mary and Jesus, or it could represent any mother and child. It could be my sister and her newborn. It could be my mother and me. It could be my wife and our children.” 

Each painting in the series also includes similar imagery and symbolism. “The halos represent holiness,” Richards explains. “The clothing is changed into abstract shapes and designs. I don’t want the paintings to refer to a specific time or place. Even though the painting may represent Mary and Jesus, the painting itself is a symbol and not an historical depiction. The idea or the essence is more important.”

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