New Zealand the 'real deal' for Mormon missionaries: An insider's guide

by | Jun. 11, 2013

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I’ve been travelling over the last three weeks and last night I found myself in Provo with a group of friends when the discussion turned to mission preparation in the context of this wave of new young things who are about to be unleashed, bright eyed, and bushy tailed onto the world.

The thing about being in Utah is that you find out stuff if you hold your ear to the ground long enough. Someone is always ready to spill the beans on a piece of juicy speculation – it’s delicious! It turns out (according to bush telegraph) that there is a trending rate of early missionary returns; young people who find the ‘work’ difficult and want to come home, and parents who say, ‘Sure sweetie – whatever makes you happy!’. . .

Whatever the case may be, there are seem to be issues, and I intend, for the sake of US missionaries who have been, or will be called to New Zealand, to give you instruction – special insider tips you won’t get in the Missionary Training Centre!

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