Our 7 Favorite LDS Christmas Videos of All Time

by | Dec. 22, 2017


With Christmas nearly here, days seem to fill up with wrapping presents and baking treats. But between the trimmings and the tree, take a brief break to relax and remember the true reason for the season with one of these inspirational Christmas videos: 

The First Christmas Spirit

Often we recall the Christmas story from the words of Luke or ponder the perspective of our Heavenly Father as He sent His Son to earth, but not often do we get to see the Nativity from the perspective of Jesus's earthly parents. The First Christmas Spirit gives viewers a glimpse into the sacrifices Mary and Joseph made for their son, and God's Son.

Infant Holy, Infant Lowly

With the surprising backdrop of a prison, this Christmas video created by the Mormon Tabernacle Choir demonstrates the depth and power of Jesus Christ's redemption.

He Is the Gift

Amidst the hustle and chaos of the season, it's important to stop and remember that the first gift of Christmas was an infant—one who would later overcome death and hell as He took upon Him our sins and pains so that we might have peace and eternal life.

Why We Need a Savior

What would the world look like without Jesus Christ? This beautifully illustrated Church video answers that question while revealing the love and life our Savior brings to the world.

Light the World

What better way to demonstrate to others that Christ is the light of the world than by lighting the world with His love? These inspiring Church videos inspire us to follow the Savior's example as we serve our brothers and sisters.

The Wexford Carol

This powerful music video by the Mormon Tabernacle Choir takes a modern-day spin on the beautiful story of the prodigal son—a story that reminds us of the love of God, which is constant and always extended, no matter the mistakes we make.

The Coat: A Story of Charity

The Coat is a children's story based on an experience from the life of President Heber J. Grant. This story of charity depicts a young boy giving selflessly to another child in need. 

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