Photo Essay: Because Motherhood Is Just Like That

Corn. Corn Chopping 14

It took four full moons to grow.
Another to dry.
A couple of days in a lime bath and its ready for grinding into dough.


I watch Guelita's hands swiftly pat the masa, spread the meat (eight hours of simmering tender), pinch and seal and wrap in its corn husk blanket.
Pat, spread, pinch, seal, wrap. Dozens of repeated movements.

Three hours of steaming.
All this work and for what?
Tamales, hot, spicy, tender. Devoured in five minutes, ten if eaten slowly.

And isn't motherhood just like that? 57:365

dishes to wash (one is never really caught up),
floors to mop,
laundry breeding piles on its own,

licking spilled milk

milk, white and creamy, spilled every which way,
the sickness and worry, driving here, there, everywhere 141:365

your heart bleeding open 114:365

life so fragile you feel as is you'll be blown away.
And then
you are blown away Gratitude Day 26: Mornings

by morning light landing on handmade quilts, Untitled

"I love you, Mom" in a child's scrawl,

Makes my heart melt

cherubic toddler hands reaching up to hold weathered farmer daddy hands, kissing lips

baby lips puckered to send a kiss,
small five minutes, ten minutes, fleeting minutes of tumbling

pure joy, morning's collection of eggs

tender mercies of grace, that enabling power, campfire

fuel for the soul,


water to fill my cup. Kisses

Motherhood is just like this. Montse and Isa

Dedicated to my own dear mother whom I can never repay and still don't fully appreciate. I love you, Mom!

All images © Montserrat Wadsworth


Montserrat is a farmer's wife, mother of ten, chocoholic, homeschooler, photographer, blogger, Scrabble player, and loves all things beautiful. You can read more of her musings at her blog Chocolate on my Cranium.

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