Photo Gallery: Women Who Have Mothered Us

by | May 11, 2013



This woman is my mother, Allonna Chapple. She has not had a life of ease and has had to deal with much sadness and disappointment in her life. She has battled through so much of it with the strength of a warrior. However, the hardest battle has been the one she is fighting now. She has multiple myeloma cancer. She has fought so bravely and with so much dignity. It breaks my heart to see her suffer and to go through so much as she continues along this terminal path. She will not get better and will not have much time left. Her cancer is growing quickly. She has never been an active member of this church, but through my struggles and hers, she has become a great woman of faith. She prays and pleads with the Lord with the amazing faith of a child, simple pure and trusting. She has a true and kind heart that represents a disciple of Christ. She is such a special woman and she deserves all the praise this daughter could possible give her.
Kathy Tawzer

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