Photo Gallery: Women Who Have Mothered Us

by | May 11, 2013



My biological mother, who raised me until I turned 17 and got married, hated me and never missed an opportunity to remind me that I was a worthless curse in her life. The Lord saw fit to provide me with one of my greatest blessings—Anne Solum—when the army transferred my husband to Augusta, GA. John Solum and his sweet wife, Anne, opened their home, arms and heart my family. They first "adopted" our kids, who instantly took to calling them Grandma and Grandpa, and then at some point along the way, they penetrated my damaged heart and I was calling them mom and dad as naturally as if I always had. Eventually, I had the blessing of actually being sealed to them as their daughter. I am grateful for our knowledge of the gospel, for the restored priesthood and for the temple ordinances that allow us to be eternal families.

Gale Kurschner

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