Poll: Prejudice against Mormon candidates not as deep as you thought

by | Sep. 06, 2011

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Newly released poll results indicate that a generic Mormon faces a 7-to-15% anti-Mormon bias among voters, but a specific Mormon, such as Mitt Romney, fares better than those findings might suggest.

Pollster Gary Lawrence, whose firm conducted a July nationwide poll of 905 registered voters among a broader sample of 1000 adults, said his study confirmed the previously measured bias:

The traditional wording asks whether the respondent would vote for a generally well-qualified person the voter's own party has nominated if the nominee happens to be of a particular religion. Gallup's Yes-No numbers over the years for a Mormon range from a high of 80-17 to a low of 72-24. Lawrence Research's July study measured a 58-point difference (74-16), a little more optimistic than Gallup's 54-point difference (76-22) taken in June.

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