Poll: When is Your Favorite Sunday Church Time?

by | Jan. 29, 2014


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Almost every Mormon has an opinion: which time block is best for Sunday church? We asked a few of our Facebook followers, and here's what we found:

There are the early risers who swear by 9am (or even earlier!).

"I love 9:00 church!! You're done at noon. You can gave lunch and then a nice Sunday afternoon rest. It's the best!" - Heather Harvill

"9am for sure. We had a few weeks starting at 8am. It was hard to get up and ready, but wonderful to be home at 11." - Sheryl Wassom Johnson

And there are the late sleepers who love the flexibility of a later church meeting time (like 1pm, or later).

"I love 1:00 church. You get to relax all morning and after church you can have dinner and it's almost bed time." - Mary Ann Hill

"I loved to go at 1:00 when my kids were babies. I took a umbrella stroller and stuck them in to sleep through most of the meetings. They ate lunch before we went to church and were ready to eat dinner when we got home." - Marilyn Stedman Georgeson

"When I was a teenager we went 3-6pm and I loved that!" - Dede Bessey

Then there are those who like to split the difference and say 11am or noon is the best of both. 

"11am is my favorite. 9 is too early for me. And by the time you get home after 1pm church the day is almost gone." - Jennifer Wells Oyewole

"[I like] 11am. There's enough time to get the family ready in the morning and not feel rushed all day." - Lynelle Swensen

Which time is your favorite? Take the poll now and let us know--we're curious to see which is the most-liked time overall!

Which time is your favorite for Church to start?

Early - 8 or 9am
Midday - 11am or Noon
Afternoon - 1pm or later
I like a different time--let me tell you in the comments!
I'm okay with any time!
Now, tell us why you chose that time slot in the comments below!
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