President Hinckley, Donny Osmond + 12 Other Mormons Who Have Carried the Olympic Torch

10. Mikkel Nelson (Salt Lake City, 2002)

A deaf member from Idaho, Brother Mikkel Nelson carried the torch in Twin Falls, Idaho. He served a mission to the deaf and was a teacher at the Idaho School for the Deaf and Blind when he was nominated.

11. Verity Wright (Salt Lake City, 2002)

Twenty-three-year-old Verity Wright was nominated by her family for her determination to overcome the major trials in her life. When she was 16, Wright's family was on vacation in Mexico when she was hit by a car. With no reliable hospitals in the area, the family experienced many difficulties trying to get her to a Florida hospital. After spending two months in a coma in Florida, Wright was transported back to Utah, where she eventually came out of her coma. It took months of rehab, but Wright chose to go back to school despite advice from her doctors and psychologist. She finished high school, served a mission, and was about to graduate from BYU at the time she ran with the torch.

12. Norman O. Wahlstrom (Salt Lake City, 2002)

Brother Norman O. Wahlstrom carried the Olympic torch through Ogden in February 2002. He did so in honor of his mother, Mary Alice Wahlstrom, and his sister Carolyn Beug, who were both aboard one of the American Airlines planes that were hijacked and flown into the World Trade Center.

13. Robert Korver (Vancouver, 2010)

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Image from the Deseret News

In anticipation of the Vancouver Winter Olympics, aspiring torchbearers were required to write a pledge of something they would do to help strengthen Canada through strong family values. Latter-day Saint Robert Korver made a pledge to raise awareness for Canadians with disabilities. He chose this pledge because of personal experience with his son, who had Asperger's syndrome, a facial deformity because of a tumor, and another disorder. According to the Deseret News,  when Korver carried the flame, he took it on a rare indoor path through the McMaster University children's hospital to give the children a special treat.

14. David Graydon (London, 2012)

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David Graydon was nominated to carry the flame before the 2012 Olympic Games. His nomination, from the Gateshead Youth Council, recognized Brother Graydon's service to young people in the community. According to those who nominated him, Graydon makes a difference by helping youth, especially by helping them achieve their Duke of Edinburgh's Award (a program that helps people age 12-24 develop life skills). Church News quotes Graydon as saying, “Being nominated to carry the Olympic torch by the young people I work with was a great honor. I love my job, and seeing the young people grow and develop is the best reward. Learning that they value my input and feel strongly enough to fill in a nomination is really humbling."

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