President Nelson Calls Visit to Indonesian Saints “One of Those Moments That You Never Forget”

by | Nov. 22, 2019

Friday is the final day of President Russell M. Nelson’s Southeast Asia Ministry and at the conclusion of the tour, he and Elder D. Todd Christofferson reflected on their experiences over the 7-day, four country trip.

“I have seen more perfectly how it is done, or how it is done more perfectly,” Elder Christofferson said of the Saints in Southeast Asia and of President Nelson’s ministry to them.

On Thursday evening, they spoke to 1,765 Church members in a hotel ballroom in Indonesia, a country where the Church has only been recognized for 50 years and yet, President Nelson looked into the faces of multi-generational members. He later called it “one of those moments that you never forget.”

“You can’t put words to it very well, but it is the Lord telling you that this is His work and He is directing it and we get to participate,” President Nelson said.

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Lead Image: Courtesy of the Church News. 
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