Prophets and Apostles' Accounts of Seeing the Spirit World and Beyond the "Veil of Death"

When Elder Hugh B. Brown Received a Visit from a Former Prophet 

Moving from messages of apostles of the nineteenth century to those of the twentieth, I would like to relate a personal experience with Elder Hugh B. Brown. It is sacred to me, and was also to him. Elder Brown had served earlier as a member of the First Presidency where, along with countless other matters, he had borne responsibilities relating to the building of the Washington Temple. I suppose that some of the decisions that had to be made did not go unchallenged.

President Spencer W. Kimball extended an invitation to Elder Brown to attend the dedication of that temple in November 1974. As a physician, I had been invited to accompany Elder Brown, now enfeebled due to advanced age. Months prior to his passing on December 2, 1975, I received his permission to record this experience, from which I quote:

"On the morning of the temple dedication, President Brown greeted me [R. M. N.] with the news that he had been visited during the night by President Harold B. Lee (President Lee had died the year before)." Elder Brown "described it as a glorious visit, one that meant much to him, for President Lee had been aware of some of the difficulties encountered by President Brown in the decisions that led to the construction of the temple in Washington, D.C.

"Later that morning, as we took President Brown to breakfast, Sister Harold B. (Freda Joan) Lee approached us. As we exchanged greetings, President Brown said to her, 'I had a glorious visit with Harold last night. He is just fine. It was so good to visit with him.'

"This was such a moving experience for us all. We felt the presence of President Lee's spirit in the temple through the witness of President Brown." 6

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