Q&A with Tylan Glines, the star of funny "Mormon on Drugs"

Tylan Glines, self proclaimed “Mormon on Drugs.” At first glance he may seem like the boy next door, but when his family decides to film his trip to the oral surgeon to have his wisdom teeth removed, the world finds out he’s so much more. With over 150,000 views in its first week, Tylan’s Mormon on Drugs YouTube video seems on its way to viral victory. While medicated, Tylan supplies viewers with a plethora of opinions and laughs. He’s a fan of Limbaugh and Justin Beiber. Likes Mitt Romney, dislikes President Obama, but not because he’s black. He cries almost as much as Glen Beck. Has a wee bit of a caffeine addiction, and yes he’s a Mormon. This Mormon on drugs had us intrigued, so we decided to have a chat with his sober self.
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