Quiz: What Do You Know About Christmas with the Prophets?


1. Which prophet took his grandchildren on an annual bobsleigh ride with bells?

A. Wilford Woodruff
B. Lorenzo Snow 
C. David O. McKay 
D. Gordon B. Hinckley

2. Which non-Christmas hymn was traditionally sung at pioneer Christmas celebrations during John Taylor’s time? 
A. Come, Come, Ye Saints 
B. The Spirit of God 
C. Now Let Us Rejoice 
D. I Stand All Amazed

3. Which prophet was born two days before Christmas?
A. Gordon B. Hinckley 
B. Wilford Woodruff 
C. Joseph Smith 
D. Brigham Young

4. As kids, what did Gordon B. Hinckley and his brother do each year for their sisters’ Christmas presents?
A. Sang for them 
B. Made them things out of wood 
C. Took them on a sleigh ride 
D. Bought them dolls

5. Which church leader, before becoming prophet, received gifts of a raisin cake and a handkerchief while in prison on Christmas day because of polygamy?
A. Joseph Smith 
B. John Taylor 
C. Lorenzo Snow 
D. Joseph Fielding Smith

6. President Grant gave what gift to his children for Christmas in 1893?
A. More time with them 
B. Checks for the temple fund 
C. Hand-carved ornaments  
D. Christmas dinner for their neighbors 

7. Which prophet gave his coat away to a street worker on his way to the Church office buildings one winter morning? 
A. Joseph Smith 
B. David O. McKay 
C. Thomas S. Monson 
D. George Albert Smith

8. What did young Thomas S. Monson give to his friend who had nothing for Christmas dinner?
A. Oranges 
B. Chicken 
C. Stuffing 
D. Rabbits

9. Which prophet spent all of Christmas day and night helping members receive temple ordinances one year?
A. Joseph Smith 
B. Brigham Young 
C. Heber J. Grant 
D. Joseph F. Smith

10. What did Harold B. Lee determine that every home in his stake should have on Christmas in 1932 during the Great Depression?
A. A stocking 
B. Money 
C. A visit to the temple 
D. A Christmas dinner

11. Which prophet wept as a young father working in the Church tithing office because he could not afford gifts for his children, and in later prosperity never forgot these Christmases of want?
A. Joseph F. Smith 
B. Brigham Young 
C. Thomas S. Monson 
D. Heber J. Grant

12. Which prophet pretended to be Santa for his neighbor’s children for three years, speaking to each child individually over the phone on Christmas Eve?
A. Howard W. Hunter 
B. Lorenzo Snow 
C. Thomas S. Monson 
D. Heber J. Grant

13. Which United States president and his family attended Ezra Taft Benson’s family night the week of Christmas in 1954 and was entertained by comic skits, readings, and songs?
A. President Roosevelt 
B. President Truman 
C. President Eisenhower 
D. President Kennedy

14. Which prophet’s daughter hid under the table one year (while her father read right next to her) in order to avoid being caught peeking at the Christmas presents?
A. Brigham Young 
B. Joseph Fielding Smith 
C. Joseph F. Smith 
D. Joseph Smith

15. Who spent a Christmas in Missouri as a missionary?
A. George Albert Smith 
B. Ezra Taft Benson 
C. Spencer W. Kimball 
D. Howard W. Hunter

16. What did Wilford Woodruff’s wife knit for their children for Christmas one year?
A. Mittens 
B. Scarves 
C. Stockings 
D. Sweaters

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[Source: Christmas with the Prophets, Deseret Book.]

Answers: 1. C. 2. A. 3. C. 4. B. 5. C. 6. B. 7. D. 8. D. 9. B. 10. D. 11. A. 12. A. 13. C. 14. B. 15. C. 16. A.
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