RM's Scriptures Miraculously Survive House Fire (Photo)

by | Mar. 18, 2015

News from Utah

Trials. Why do they have to happen? Why is this a part of every single person’s life? They come when no one is expecting them and they come with a vengeance.

March 10th started out like any other day for the Beames family but quickly turned into a day that has changed their family’s lives. As Hayley, a mother of 5, left her house to take her son Cole to scouts she left her other four children ages 13, 12, 11 and 5 at home. As 5-year-old Aribella laid on her mothers bed watching cartoons, she realized she had to use the bathroom. She got up and left her mother's room. Minutes later the laptop that had been left on the bed next to where Aribella was sitting, overheated and burst into flames.

The bedding was quickly engulfed and the entire room was covered in flames minutes later. Hunter, Aribella’s older brother, came up to see what was going on and saw the room. He quickly shut the door to the room and went to find his little sister. He was able to find her and get her and his other siblings quickly out of the house and to the neighbors to get help.

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