SPONSORED: Artist pays photographic tribute to Biblical women

Captivating and inspiring images motivate scripture study. Knowing this, photographer April Craig started a project to inspire her own children, but the endeavor has become a much larger work than she anticipated and has now taken a form that draws a wider audience closer to their Savior. 

April's book, A Photographic Tribute to Biblical Women, captures inspiring images using primarily children and youth to depict the characters. April recalls some of the sacred experiences she had while working on this project: “It amazed me time and again how these children would get into their costumes and fall completely into character. Their innocence and purity brought a sweet spirit of reverence into my studio. I was continually humbled and uplifted during my hours of editing as I would gaze into their faces and truly see the light of Christ shining in their countenances.” 

This impressive work captures the beautiful messages of the Bible carried across Christian faiths. April views this project as a unifying voice for many faiths that work to strengthen families and teach of Jesus Christ as the Redeemer.

April’s love of the Bible has developed from a rich heritage tracing back to the 1800s when her great-great grandfather was a preacher in the North Georgia Mountains. This legacy and love of the scriptures was handed down through the generations, and is now culminated in the strikingly beautiful book A Photographic Tribute to Biblical Women

To learn more about the book or to view a couple of sneak peek pages, visit her website at aprilcraig.com.

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April has studied photography for years through private instruction and tutoring while enjoying the experience of raising her children. As a professional photographer, she specializes in newborn and high school seniors. April enjoys making homemade bread, riding roller coasters with her kids, and date nights with her husband. She and her husband, Blair, live in Newnan, Georgia, with their six children.
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