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by | Jun. 12, 2013

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This article is sponsored by Dads Again.

Fulfilling your dream of having children after vasectomy can be a reality with a microsurgical vasectomy reversal by Drs. Sheldon Marks or Peter Burrows of the International Center for Vasectomy Reversal. Here at ICVR, you can trust that because of our decades of experience with many thousands of patients, our full-time, reversal only center can provide an astounding success of up to 99.5 %—the highest rate in the world! 

This makes a vasectomy reversal about 1/3 the price of in-vitro fertilization (IVF) with higher success.  And your success is even better than IVF for older women. After a vasectomy reversal, conception is natural, the way it was designed, for the healthiest babies!

As Dr. Marks says, “We are honored and blessed to be able to play our small role in helping couple achieve their dreams. For all of us, this is not a job—it is a passion, a calling.”

With more than 5,000 reversals over 35 years from every state in the US and more than 68 countries, our world class success proves the old saying, “experience matters.” When you consider what is at stake, there is no reason you should settle for anything less than the highest chances for success.


So what makes Drs. Marks and Burrows your best choice for your reversal?

-We perform vasectomy reversals every day, Monday through Friday, and reversals are all we do. We are not a “jack-of-all-trades” practice that also does an occasional reversal as part of a busy general urology practice.

-Each doctor limits his practice to only one reversal a day. You are that doctor’s ¬only reversal, so you get our full focus and undivided attention to detail.  We are not rushing off to do a second vasectomy reversal, nor are we fatigued from an earlier reversal. We are passionate about quality and results, so we will not ram through multiple reversals in a day.

-We are true leaders - Dr Marks is honored to be one of only a handful of top experts that actually teaches vasectomy reversals to other doctors at international conferences. In addition, he wrote the certification course on vasectomy reversals for the world’s largest fertility society. Dr. Marks recently invented an instrument used by reversal doctors around the world to help boost success, the Marks Vas Cutting Forceps. As one patient explained, “why settle for a student when we can have the teacher?”

-You will have a pleasant, comfortable pain-free experience as we use a “micro pulse” mild conscious sedation technique with plenty of numbing medication. This way you avoid the nausea, vomiting and rare but serious risks so common with deep general anesthesia. You get all the benefits of the sedation with none of the risks. In fact, when we come by the hotels and visit our patients after their reversal most men tell us that they didn’t even need a single Tylenol! And yes, we do house and hotel calls!

-Dr. Marks and Dr. Burrows do not use residents in training, so you can be assured that only your doctor does your entire surgery, placing and tying every stitch, from start to finish.

-Both doctors give our patients their personal cell phone numbers and offer unlimited access and care for life.

-We use a state-of-the-art high-powered, dual head multi-function surgical microscope to perform a multi-layer vasectomy reversal with the finest reversal specific microsutures, almost invisible to the naked eye with specialized microscopic tip instruments.

-To make your reversal more affordable, ICVR offers a fixed, “no surprise” package price for vasectomy reversals with the option of no interest, in-house financing available.

If you are considering a vasectomy reversal, please contact us for more information and to schedule a no-charge phone or Skype consult with Dr Marks or Dr. Burrows to talk about your specific situation and answer your questions. 

Call 888-722-2929 or go to our website at www.dadsagain.com

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