SPONSORED: Choosing the Right - James Christensen’s 'Hold to the Rod'

by | Jan. 25, 2012

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In 2007, renowned LDS artist James Christensen created a painting titled Hold to the Rod, the Iron Rod. The painting features one of Christensen’s unique characters, in a predicament. The man has become so burdened with the belongings and items he has amassed that, while he longingly eyes the Iron Rod, he cannot reach up to hold it for fear of losing some of his possessions. Only 550 prints were originally created and sold out at the publisher for $295. Soon, however, the prints were being sold on the secondary market for as high as $4,000. 

“Believe me, I am as surprised as anyone by its popularity,” says Christensen. “The question the painting asks is simple: How prepared are you to let go of those things you think you need to keep yourself safe and secure in order to follow your beliefs? Success has many forms and faith is its own reward. At times we have to choose between the two, and it doesn’t always feel like an easy decision. Hold to the Rod illustrates that dilemma.” 

“I have been asked time and time again, ‘How does it turn out? What does he do?” recounts the artist.

That question has been answered as part of a limited-time offer, called a personal commission, of a paper edition of Hold to the Rod, the Iron Rod (click here to see). “I’m glad to know that people who didn’t have the chance to get the canvas print now will have the chance to own the image on paper. And, I created the hand-painted remarque Choosing the Right to complete the story,” Christensen continues. “This time, on the ground around our man lay much of his discarded baggage. He has made the commitment to reach out and grab hold of what is actually important: keeping sight of his true belief and faith, knowing that these alone can and will guide him through.” 

Hold to the Rod can only be ordered until January 31, 2012 from www.greenwichworkshopgallery.com. Collectors are able to order just the Fine Art Paper Edition for $175 or the Special Remarque Edition featuring Choosing the Right for $375. The Remarque Edition is limited to just 350 pieces. This edition is comprised of the Fine Art Print signed by the artist and numbered, plus the matching numbered and signed Choosing the Right hand colored remarque, which is 6 1/2" x 7 1/2" on Strathmore Fine Art paper with an image area of 4" x 5 5/8". It can be framed with your Hold to the Rod print or framed separately. This James C. Christensen Fine Art print will illustrate a timeless lesson to everyone in your family and to generations still to come.

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