SPONSORED: Free online chore chart helps 275,000 organize their families

by | Nov. 17, 2012

Everything Else

Chores. Music practice. Scriptures and prayers. Homework and school projects. Multiply all that by three or four children or more, and the task of keeping a busy family on task can be a bit overwhelming.

Even though families are busier than ever, most don’t want to let this derail them from teaching their kids the values that they hold so dear. 

MyJobChart.com was started for this very reason: to help parents teach their kids in a technologically engaging way how to work hard and be responsible with money.

These are concepts that members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints espouse, but, in a world of instant gratification, even the most diligent parents have trouble imparting those values to their children.

In less than three years, MyJobChart.com has gained more than 275,000 loyal members who frequent the free online site where they load a customized chore lists for their kids. The kids learn to contribute around the house while working toward meaningful goals to save, share and spend their money responsibly. Kids on the site have completed 13 million chores and logged more than a 138 million reward points proving their ability to work and make contributions around the house.

MyJobChart.com prides itself on being a no-nonsense, practical tool for families to use. The site does not use cartoon charters or video gimmicks that get in the way of learning, and furthermore doesn’t allow any advertising aimed at kids.

Make a difference in your family's life. It’s free. You have nothing to lose and your kids have everything to gain as they build a solid foundation for their financial future. 

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