SPONSORED: High-Tech Physician Develops Gospel Harmony App

When Dr. Greggory DeVore, a Yale educated physician, looks at a developing fetus he uses the world’s most advanced 4D imaging technology. In fact, he has developed many of the diagnostic algorithms for these advanced imaging computers.

Now, he has focused his technology skills on something gospel scholars have been trying to do for centuries–harmonize the New Testament Gospels –and use the iPad and its interactive power as his creative pallet.

“For many years,” recalls Dr. DeVore, “I looked at the events in Christ's life in the four Gospels and the related LDS scriptures.  It was difficult to put them all together in my mind and then remember it all. So,” he continues, ” I decided to develop the app to help bring the Savior's to life in a new way.”

Dr. DeVore’s “LDS Harmony of the Gospels” app took over three years to develop.  The program is available for the iPad and has versions that work on both the  Windows and Mac computer platforms.

To learn more about the “LDS Harmony of the “Gospels",  watch a short tutorial, and to purchase it for only $6.99 go to www.ldsgospelharmony.com.
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