SPONSORED: Historic Bed and Breakfast on Canada's Mormon Trail boasts fascinating past

by | Jul. 10, 2012

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Cobblestone Manor in Cardston, one of Canada's designated historic sites, is one of the best places to kick up your feet on Canada's Mormon Trail. But it's more than a beautiful place to eat – it is a piece of living history as the previous residence of one of Cardston's founding pioneers and later one of Alberta's most mysterious eccentrics.

Mormon settlers from Cache Valley, Utah, led by Ora Card, son-in-law of Brigham Young, arrived at Lee's Creek, Canada, in 1887 in the last of the great wagon migrations. Six years later Joseph Young built a two-story log home, that was acquired in 1913 by unconventional Belgium finishing carpenter Henry Hoet, described by author James Musson as one of Alberta's most mysterious eccentrics in the book Grand Delusions – Henry Hoet and Cobblestone Manor

The master craftsman spent the next 16 years encapsulating the humble Young residence into an ornate home of 14 rooms featuring exotic wood from Europe and leftovers from the Cardston Temple where he was commissioned to do wood inlay work. Cobblestone Manor is a beautiful and fascinating building with 16 different wood types, Tiffany glass and a unique honeycomb structured ceiling. The original Lee cabin and a surviving window is now an interior room that can still be viewed.

Now you can enjoy the history and hospitality of the Cobblestone Manor yourself - encapsulating a charming restaurant and adjoined with a bed and breakfast, this piece of history is the perfect spot in Cardston to enjoy comfort and history together. 

The restaurant, with its homemade bread and pies, made daily with fresh ingredients, is a favorite with locals and visitors alike, and has been featured in numerous publications. Enjoy the hospitality of Chef Ivan Negrych and his wife Marsha, and enjoy a part of history on the old Canada Mormon Trail.

Call toll free at 1-866 653 2701 or 403 653-2701 for reservations, or just drop in if you are in the area. You can also stay in the Cobblestone's self-contained apartment bed and breakfast. Visit thecobblestonemanor.com to learn more.

Cobblestone Manor – Designated one of Canada's historic places
173 - 7 Avenue West
Cardston, Alberta
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