SPONSORED: How to rid yourself of hard water stains

Have you noticed a deposit on your dishes? Scum in the sink and tub? When was the last time you cleaned your water softener? Did you know that salt residue can build up wherever your water hits (i.e. dishes, sinks, showers, baths, and glass)?

Here are easy,do-it-yourself instructions to get your water softener back up to par:

1) Switch your water softener to bypass mode so as to make sure the appliance doesn’t begin to run while you are cleaning it.
2) Disconnect the softener from the electrical outlet.
3) Remove the water softener injector cap.
4) Remove the injector screen.
5) Wash the screen with warm soapy water.
6) Clean the water softener injector nozzle using the end of a paperclip.
7) Put the screen back.
8) Put the injector cap back.
9) Plug the unit back into the wall.
10) And, test!

A working water softener in Utah is very important and a necessity due to the dry air and the hard water. Cleaning the water softener on a regular basis will ensure it working longer and efficiently. And don’t worry if these simplified instructions are still confusing. Local companies, like Action Plumbing, Heating & Air are here to take on jobs like these so you don’t have to!

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