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by | Mar. 12, 2013

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The power of the InnerGold Addictions Treatment Manual comes from the way it is packaged.  Based on years of observation and study this manual is able to explain why addictions develop and then what to do about them in a practical and powerful manner.  Many are familiar with much of the language used in recovery addictions programs but none have been quite packaged the way the InnerGold Manual is.  We constantly hear stories of those who leave expensive treatment programs with no lasting resolution or systematic way of thinking to confront the addiction when it tries to come back which it always will.

The InnerGold Manual will take one through a series of assignments that build on each other and provide a unique and powerful insight that leads one to freedom.  The following is a recent email that was received on the InnerGold website:

“Reason for contacting us:

"I just wanted to say thanks. I struggled with certain sexual addictions (pornography/masturbation) that I thought I'd never get rid of. Every leader/mentor I approached would give me "surface" solutions to the problem and were never able to teach me how to stop the problem at its source.  My struggle began when I was a young child and has endured with me for many, many years. 

“All the while I figured I was doomed.  My biggest fear was having children of my own who struggled with the same issues.  What would I tell them?  I, as their father, couldn't conquer these problems, so how could I expect them to do so?  I felt weak, inadequate, etc.  

“I confided in a friend who recommended the InnerGold manual to me.  I don't remember how much I paid to get the PDF, but it has been the best purchase I ever made.

“The InnerGold manual approaches sexual addiction from a unique perspective; it confronts the addiction at its source.  The manual was an easy read and taught me the techniques necessary to achieve a level of complete sobriety, something I didn't think existed.  

“I have enjoyed about 2 and 1/2 years of complete sobriety. 

“Words do my feeling no justice in this case.  You saved me!  You saved my marriage!  You saved my children! 

“With much confidence and assurance, I now await the day where my children find themselves in a similar situation.  I can tell them there is hope, I can tell them there is a way, and I can tell them I have not only been in their situation, but I have overcome it as well. Thank you.”

This individual has saved himself by applying the principles in the manual.  He has taken the information and made it a part of him.  This is what can lead one to change.  We didn’t change him, he changed himself.   All we did is provide the material to do so.  

All automobiles driving down the road are made of the same basic materials but they sure don’t all look the same do they?  It is in the way they are packaged that makes the difference and gives them value.  With addiction recovery work it is essential that one becomes familiar with a new way of thinking and a system that can guide for the rest of their lives based on timeless principles of truth.  That system is found in the InnerGold Manual.  Follow it and find freedom from your addiction!

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